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Nerve2 Begin

The founding members of Nerve Project Theatre Company invite you to The Nerve2 Series!

The Nerve2 is all about reaching new heights of artistic bravery no matter where you are on your artistic journey.

The Nerve2 Series is a chance to face artistic fears head on. Nerve2 participants will perform a piece of writing, a song, or a dance that challenges them to grow as a writer, singer, dancer, actor, juggler, etc.

The NPTC believes audiences are inspired most by characters making their bravest choices, and the Nerve2 series is a way to include members of our New York community in our mission. The Nerve2 will feature New York community members tackling their greatest artistic challenges as well!

Have you always wanted to learn a tap dance but we’re too afraid to try it alone?

Are you scared to sing in public?

Do you dream of acting a Shakespeare monologue but don’t know where to start?

Come see some artistic bravery first hand!

What’s your Nerve2 project? 😉

October 25 @ 20:00
8:00 pm — 9:00 pm (1h)

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